Tuesday, May 25

Lesson #105 - Even Confirming Appointments Is No Guarantee

I would have thought that, by now, stupid people wouldn't upset like they do...but it still happens...on a daily basis!!

In addition to the home my husband owns, I also own a place. It didn't make sense to sell it - for a number of reasons - so I am renting it instead. It is a nice 3 bedroom place, so it lends itself nicely to having 3 tenants. Currently, one of my sorority sisters is living in the Master bedroom - one of her friends is living in one of the 3rd floor rooms - and a random roommate (found on Craigslist) is living in the last room. Now, I am a HUGE fan of Craigslist...I have found some great roommates on the site.

This last one, however, is a piece of work! Before he moved in we spoke, of course, about the amount of his rent and his deposit due. He asked if I would accept his security deposit in 2 payments. He said his last landlord was holding his security deposit, since he moved out before his lease expired - that is why he couldn't make the payment all at once. I wanted to be understanding to his situation, so I agreed (shame on me!).

Odd occurrence #2 - the day he moved in, he did it within hours. This usually isn't a huge deal - I mean, the room is the smallest in the house and he didn't have many belongings. Fine, he is a quick mover, whatever.

So, the girl in the larger of the rooms on the 3rd floor is moving out. She graduated and is moving back home to take a job there. I am SUPER excited for her - but finding another roommate is a pain in my ass. Don't get me wrong, she has been a huge help!! She put up listings of her own on Craigslist and has been showing the place to people when I can't make it out.

Anyways, so in my search for a new tenant to pay me dolla bills I have met a few of this state's finest...and I will tell you about them - here:

Possible Tenant #1 - HP set up a meeting with me for the other day. I emailed, confirmed and re-confirmed to make sure I wasn't just driving out to the townhouse for nothing. (I mean, it isn't a long trip, but having to take The Babe and coordinate with her nap times makes things that much more difficult!) We confirmed the DAY before and all was well. Until 5 minutes before we were supposed to meet...when I got a text from HP saying that she had to move out immediately and ended up moving in with her boyfriend. She wanted to let me know so she wasn't wasting my time...guess what honey?! I'M ALREADY HERE...TIME HAS BEEN WASTED!!!!

Possible Tenant #2 - JC was supposed to meet me 30 minutes after HP. Again, I emailed, confirmed and re-confirmed to make doubly sure the meeting was taking place! Wouldn't you know it - JC sent me a text message about 15 minutes before our scheduled meeting to let me know he had to move out at the last minute. Instead of messaging me to ask about moving in immediately, he goes somewhere else. Friggin' AWESOME!!!!

...and so the search continues...


Much More Than Mommy said...

:-/ How annoying!

Jesslyn said...

Sounds like you're surrounded by idiots! A common problem in today's world.

Baby Sweetness said...

ugh, please don't tell me this. The lease on our condo (also didn't make sense for us to sell in this market) is coming up soon. I keep bugging my husband to check with the tenants if they want to stay, but he keeps telling me it's too soon.... So nervous we won't get it rented - then we're screwed...

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