Monday, May 24

Lesson #104 - Sometimes The Best Things In Life Cost A Bundle

Hello dear bloggy buddies!! I want to apologize IMMENSELY for my lack of posting the past few weeks. After being fired last month, it has been quite the chore trying to pull my (financial) life together. Not more than two days after that, The Man and I found out we have our own Christmas miracle on the way!! That is right my friends...The Wee One is on his/her way!

We were so excited to find out...but with my still jobless (besides being home taking care of The Babe), it has been a daily struggle for me to wrap my head around things.

When The Man and I found out about The Babe, I would cry every night and apologize to her for bringing her into this world the way it happened. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change anything for any amount of money in the world, I just wish the circumstances were a little different.

So, now I find myself in the same situation with The Wee One. I know it is my hormones running amok...but I cry at night and apologize to The Wee One for not having my life more put together (financially). As much as I would LOVE to just stay home and take care of the babies, it just isn't possible. The Man works his butt off - he barely gets to take a vacation - and we and living pay check to pay check.

I am not saying this to get your sympathy...what I am asking for are suggestions. I need something that I can do from/at home to make money. Any of you SAHM work for a doctor's office, maybe, or someone else doing "office" type work from your lap top?? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!

This is the beginning of writing more posts...I promise :)


Dysfunctional Mom said...

No suggestions, just congrats! Good luck with finances, we have been struggling with that lately ourselves and are just now starting to get back on track. It's rough!

BigSis said...

A baby? How exciting! Congratulations!

I have lots of advice on what NOT to do, but that isn't much help, is it? All I can say is have faith that things will work out the way they are supposed to. Easier said than done, but I really believe it.

Jenn said...

Congratulations! Have you looked into Macaroni Kid? You run a kid-event weekly newsletter and keep all money made from ad sales. The only downside is that there is a monthly hosting fee and it does take a little time to get started up. Email me if you want more info!

Cara Mamma said...


I was going to suggest the same thing that Jenn did--Macaroni Kid is a great opportunity. It does take a while to get going but there is a great Macaroni Kid publishing mom support system- which makes it all easier and seem more manageable. my newsletter is and it will take you to the national site where you can get more info on becoming a publishing mom.

Jesslyn said...

First off - CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm so excited for you. I'll forgive you the lack of posting. :)
Second - how much do you need to earn to supplement The Man's income? I'll shoot you an email with info about my old company and maybe it'll be a good fit for you! Look for my email and let me know if it doesn't come through.

Baby Sweetness said...

Hey - congrats on the baby and so sorry to hear about your job - that is SO STRESSFUL! I wish you lots of luck!

I'll think about some ideas, but I guess my question is - what do you want to do? I know from prior posts your background is journalism (you're a producer, right?)? How would you feel about writing? There might be some options to do that free lance / contract. The only person I know currently working from home / part time is doing search engine marketing, so unless your background is marketing I don't have a ton of ideas... Sorry - good luck!

Big Boops said...

Awww! I'm so happy for you! I know how stressful it can be. I'm in almost your same position - minus being preggers! But we have gone through some extremely hard financial times lately. I coupon and match sale ads to cutback on our expenses and it really does help. But I am in the same place and would LOVE to stay home, but it won't ever be a possibility :(

Good luck and please keep me updated!

Shell said...


I just wrote today about when we found out about my third- I had just returned to work for the first time in almost 3 years- and it was b/c I needed to. It was stressful...but it's still a happy occasion. :)

Much More Than Mommy said...


My sister works at home, and I will e-mail you when she tells me where she got her job at online, because it works really well for her!

I actually did direct sales and was able to stay at home -- I know a lot of people think it doesn't work, but it did for me! One month I even made more than The Husband!

Abe said...

Congratulations! I'm so amazed with your positive mind in a difficult situation.

Well, my brother found his work online and he's so excited about it. It's a telemarketing work, akin to a quality call center job. It has helped augment their family finances, since his wife got pregnant last month.

Thanks for sharing your inspiring thoughts!

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