Thursday, April 1

Lesson #87 - Be Thankful For A Break

A few weeks ago The Man thought he had to go out of town for his job. There was a trip scheduled for a week that would take him to who-knows-where overseas. So, I decided to ask my parents if they could take The Babe for that week while The Man was gone. Of course my mom was crazy-excited (yes, that is the technical term) and was probably jumping up-and-down on the other end of the phone while talking to me about it.

The trip ended up getting canceled at the last minute, but I still thought it would be a good idea for my parents to take The Babe...because The Man and I needed some "us" time...and the job stress was really getting to me. So a break was a nice prospect to put us back in the right mind-set.

So, not this past Sunday, but the one before my parents made the trip over here to attend one of The Babe's swim lessons (further discussion on that to come). Anyways, after the lesson we all went out for lunch at this GREAT little Mexican place down the street. After lunch, we packed up The Babe and all of her gagillion toys/diapers/wipies/solid foods/and every other thing that a wee one needs to travel (which is WAY more than I have time to list) and off she went with my parents...YAY!

I truly am thankful to my parents for giving The Man and I a whole week to ourselves. It was nice to get home and take a nap without worrying when The Babe was going to wake up hungry - or how long play time should last. We were able to go to dinner one night, watch a movie another night and just learn to relax. It seems like life just keeps going at break-neck speeds once kiddos come into the picture. So, thanks Mom and Dad for taking care of The Babe!!

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Kat said...

Woohoo! New follower here...I hope you guys have a great time relaxing!

Little Ms Blogger said...

Sounds like you had a great week and the rest was truly appreciated!

Much More Than Mommy said...

That sounds like an awesome week!

Nishant said...

what a great weekend
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Baby Sweetness said...

Oh, that is AWESOME! I love my little one and admit that a whole week might be hard... but then again - well, a few days would sure be nice!

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