Tuesday, March 30

Lesson #85 - A Job Is Just That...A Job

I know that a lot of you have probably been wondering where the HECK I've been - AGAIN!! I apologize for being MIA...

After getting back into town - once my work trip was cut short - I got really depressed. A few weeks ago I was given a letter, from my boss, saying that if I didn't clean up my act - I would be terminated. That just made things worse, honestly.

I love my job and I love what I do...the people I interact with are great. Management, however, is a different story. I just can't understand how people in senior-level positions get to where they are by being demeaning and just all-around terrible people. It doesn't make sense!!

Okay, so I've made a few mistakes - but who HASN'T at their jobs?! That is how we get better folks...by making mistakes! If you've never made a mistake...or if your boss thinks that everything you do is the right thing...then you need to take a serious look in the mirror!

Ever since I was a kid my parents have stressed the importance of a good education - which will lead to a good job. While this is true, I think that somewhere along the lines we forget that we - as people - are not defined by our professions.

I am not my job...even though I hold a job.

Come on everyone - say it with me...


There...don't you feel better?!?!

You should!

I had to take a serious look in the mirror and keep repeating that over and over. I am not my job...I am not my job.

I am MORE than just my job description...I am MORE than a list of experiences on my resume...

I am also a loving wife...a caring mother...a daughter...a best friend...a God-fearing Catholic...a Republican (with a big R)...a hopeless romantic.

...but even more than that...I am ME! I am the culmination of everything AWESOME that is me. It goes beyond race, religion, political stance, job description, hair color, eye color...everything. In the end...I am a human...and humans make mistakes...it is our essence...it is what makes us...well...human!

By next month we shall see if I still have my job or not...but until then...I can only continue to be me!


Shell said...

Well put! You are NOT your job. You are a fabulous woman!

Big Boops said...

Great JOB lady! I totally agree. I have been having some slumps at work too and have been in a funk about it. Just hang in there until the path becomes clear. Keep us informed!

Chelle said...

Honey? I couldn't agree more. Sometimes management and bosses need to realize that without their employees...well, they're left w/nothing.

{{hugs}} & love to you! Keep us posted on how it goes. xoxo

Andrea said...

I hope all works out well for you. At least YOU'VE got your head on straight!

Much More Than Mommy said...

I have always felt the same way! Praying for you!

Jesslyn said...

DITTO! DITTO! You are so right. While it's important to do your best (which you obviously are, since you're worried about it) there is so much more value in your role as wife and mom than in trying to please a random middle manager. If you want the job, I hope you keep it. Just don't let it depress you one ounce more. You're too great for that!
And that's a ditto to the Republican with a capital R!

Baby Sweetness said...

Dude, good luck! I hope it all goes well.

BTW, wife, mom, daughter, Catholic... I'm talking to myself here! ;)

Margaret said...

More people need to realize that they aren't defined by their jobs. This was a great post!

Nishant said...

You are a fabulous woman!
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