Thursday, February 25

Lesson #74 - If I Knew Then What I Know Now {Part II}

{To see Part I, go here}

February 25, 2010

Dear College Me, to college with you! Thank goodness you got out of that little-itty-bitty hometown of yours! You have done some crazy things in life - so far...freshmen living is something else, though, isn't it?? You'll wish that you went to college with someone you know - so that the whole roommate raffle wouldn't be such a shock. Being away from home isn't so bad - but when the roommate assigner completely IGNORES the 5 million answers from the housing questionnaire, then things can be miserable.

You are an athletic cheerleader - she is a lazy pig (and I don't mean cop). You are a social butterfly - she is an introverted, quiet pig. You decided to join a sorority - she hates people...all people. Your favorite color is pink - hers is black. You are a morning person - she is just climbing into bed when you wake up. You shower every night before bed - she showers MAYBE once a week. You are a PC girl - she owns a MAC.

Seriously?! You won't know how they could have gotten it SO wrong!! Freshman year was a horrible experience...due to a crappy roommate you were hardly EVER in your room. Oh well...that is one of the great things about dating an older guy - right?? He is established and mostly importantly has an apartment to run away to...thank goodness!!

Again with the questionnaire garbage for sophomore year. Who is running the crap in that housing office?? Doesn't anyone pay attention to that stuff?? Guess not!! So, the new roommate is VERY religious...which, really, isn't a problem...except for the fact that she will pray every hour - on the hour - in the middle of the room! Be grateful that you are in a suite because the girls in the adjoining room are really awesome! They'll both end up rushing your sorority - and one will become your little sister!

Things will get rocky with the post-high school borefriend - even though you've been talking about getting married for the last year. You'll begin to get close to a frat guy you meet at a party (oh - the horror!!) - and the suspected proposal over Thanksgiving will be a bust. After that debacle, you're going to decide to study abroad in Italy for five months...and the post-high school borefriend will leave you weeks before your flight. The previously mentioned frat guy lives in the frat house, but a room is a room and even though you aren't dating each other, he is going to let you crash with him before you leave for Italy. You will leave in January and in March the frat guy will fly to Italy to visit you over his spring sweet! That relationship is going to start out great...then cool down at year 3...become a way of life at year 4...and the realization of having something better out there will round out year you'll only really lose the last 2 years of your life. You're going to learn a lot from him and, in the end, he will make you a better person.

College was a whirl wind of activity. Not only did you have to deal with crap roommates, ending one relationship, starting another, traveling to Italy not knowing ANYONE and overloading on credits during summer sessions, you also held down a full-time and (somehow) 2 part-time jobs. If nothing else, college has definitely prepared you for what has come at you in life now!!


Much More Than Mommy said...

WOW! I'm exhausted just reading about your college life! Sounds like College You did okay! :-)

TDM Wendy said...

1. Where did you go to college?
2. What religion was your roommate? Very intriguing to pray every hour in the middle of the room AND still be an EMO??? What up?
3. Did you cheerlead/dance in college?

Chrissy MacCEO said...

This reminds me of my freshman year college roommate! She would smoke pot in our bathroom and set the fire alarms off, and think she was funny. We could not have been any more opposite!

Do me a favor, please---I switched to WP over the weekend and my followers lost my feed in their readers. Can you please go to my site and re-subscribe to my feed? THANKS!!!

Brittney said...

Oh wow!!! What a college experience!!!

Brittney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CalgaryDaddy said...

Sounds like quite the roomie! Wow...could she be any more opposite?


Hair Bows & said...

Wow..I am tires after reading all that!
What an experience.

Clare said...

i love this post!! i need to do one too, so many similar situations. freshman roommate who did lots of drugs and slept all day, while i rushed a sorority and hung out with frat guys. don't we learn so much from those frat guys? hmmmm! didn't marry mine either, found something way better. but definitely learned a lot in the end too!

Chelle said...

You would have been my parents' dream daughter for college, lol!

Seriously, you are an inspiration to me to not be afraid to try new things no matter the circumstances. Love it and awesome post!


Complicated Mama said...

loved reading this post!

I was in a sorority as well... and didnt cheer in college but did coach younger teams while I was in college.

We should have been roomies-- Id have been so much cooler than the quiet pig or the holy roller. :)

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

MamaOtwins+1 said...

OH - to write a letter to my college self.... Sounds like you were busy, yet had so much fun.

ps. I posted an award for you today. said...

Sometimes, life gets in the way of blogging. :)

I love your layout. I just found you from the SITsta site.


Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Wow, what an experience! I would write more, but now I need to go take a nap! I'm exhausted just READING this!!

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