Tuesday, February 9

Lesson #66 - Quality Bloggy Buddies Are Priceless

Gooooooood morning bloggy buddies!!!! I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank each and every one of you for following me!! When I first began writing in my little blogtopia, I never thought that I would get the following that I have. My goal was to get out everything I had been wanting to say - and couldn't keep telling the man without him going crazy...meeting all of you and gaining some great friends was the cherry on top!!! As a "thank you" I am going to be holding a one day giveaway - prize to be disclosed the day of the giveaway - once I reach 200 followers!!! I can't even IMAGINE I am so close to 200 followers...so thank you all so much...for wasting even a few minutes each day reading my babble (the man thanks you too!!)!!
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