Monday, February 8

Lesson #64 - A Birthday Is Just Another Day

That is what I tell myself every year. Okay, so it is my what?! I am another year older - waahoo! This year I happen to be half way to 52...SUPER! I digress!! Since everyone loves getting presents...and hopefully you all want to see the presents I got (wink), let us review what I got this year for my birthday (and what I gave to others):

Before going to sleep on Friday night, I thought to myself - my birthday should be a national holiday, darn it...and so - for my name's sake - I figured I'd give a VAST majority of people the most fabulous snow fall they've ever seen...30 inches in my area, of course, so that I could enjoy it as well!

I woke up on Saturday morning and made the man and I breakfast...and what better for a princess's birthday breakfast than pink pancakes?!

After breakfast, it was time to put the babe down for her nap...and she wasn't happy with me at ALL. She ever gave me the stink eye!

I went into the bedroom to chat with the man, while he was getting ready for work, and saw a wonderful card on my side of the bed...

Since I gave everyone snow, I thought I should probably give the man a few helpers to dig him out...he did have to go to work after all!

I can't forget the angry babe that greeted me after her nappy nap...she has not been happy thanks to her first tooth cutting through!

Before her afternoon nap, I thought I would give the babe a wee bit of vodka on her gums...because I couldn't find the Baby Orajel...don't judge - our parents did it to us and we turned out just fine!!

So, in review, I got the following for my 26th birthday:

* Pink Pancakes (YAY)
* Stink Eye (from the babe)
* A Beautiful Card (that made me cry) from The Man
* An angry crying child post-nappy nap

...and I gave the following to those around me (because I'm just THAT damn nice):

* Snow...and not just some piddly snow...I'm talking 30 friggin inches, people!
* Helpers with Dust dig out the Hummer!
* Vodka...hopefully The Babe's gums weren't in so much pain after that!

The one thing that I really wanted...but didn't get...a nice juicy STEAK (I promise, there is a grill under there)!!! BOOOOOO!


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Happy Birthday! You are so young, I wanna cry...I'm half way to's depressing.

Shandal said...

Happy Birthday to you! I love those pink pancakes!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!

You simply MUST get these for your teething baby!!!! You can thank me and erect a statue in my honor later...


I know Walmart carries them as well as most drug stores!! Hugs!!

Shell said...

Hope you had a great birthday week! :)

I hate teething. Absolutely horrible.

blueviolet said...

Those pancakes are a hoot! So is the stinkeye!

wines constantly said...

Happy Birthday =)

Jesslyn said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope your day is the best, stink eyes and all!

Big Boops said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! It just started snowing again here after it had FINALLY thawed, booo! Maybe you can make a George Foreman steak instead ;)

Annie said...

Ahhh...LOVING the pink pancakes!!

Much More Than Mommy said...

I thought we could be all friendly and everything because we share a birthmonth and we both think it should be celebrated in a BIG way, but I'm fixing to be halfway to 68... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday. Did you seriously give her vodka? I've got a teether (and a cold) and a bar full of liquor. A drink to her and one for me. Just wondering if it works :) We didn't get your wopping 30 inches but were shut down with 7.
Pancakes from the hubby are making me jealous!

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