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Lesson #49 - All Royalty Needs A Special Coat {Giveaway}

The winners of the Banjo Bay Soaps giveaway are...

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I don't know about your kiddos, but the babe likes being cuddled all warm and comfy. I was super excited when I came across Knotted Wear - creators of The Pumpkin Sack Wearable Baby Blanket™©. Knotted Wear was created to keep your kids warm, snuggly and stylish while making it easy and convenient for mom and dad.

The Pumpkin Sack Wearable Baby Blanket™© is the only baby blanket you ever need! Use it anywhere… the crib, the car seat, the stroller, around the house, while playing outside… anywhere! It was created by a mom and dad with two daughters who understand the need for durability, comfort, simplicity and of course, style.

The sack is so easy to use...which is a plus for parents, like myself, who don't have a lot of time on their hands! Simply slip baby in and secure snaps on side and over shoulders. Then, wrap the swaddle around baby’s waist with arms in or out and you are ready to go!

There are times where I have to run an errand, but don't want to disturb the babe's nap. The solution is simple ~ I just pick her up from her crib and put her in her car seat. Since there is a hole in the bottom of the sack, any bottom car seat latch can be used. Diaper changes are just as easy also! Undo the Velcro - or buttons depending on the style you choose - at the bottom of the sack, pull baby's legs out and change that diaper.

Each Pumpkin Sack™© is machine washable and fits newborn babies up to 6 to 9 months old. They measure ~14 inches wide and 27 inches long - which is the standard size shipped - unless requested otherwise. The Pumpkin Sack™© is made bigger so that your baby can grow into it and they come in the most fashionable patterns for your princess OR prince!

In addition to The Pumpkin Sack™©, Knotted Wear also offers ponchos - and other products - for your princess who has outgrown her need to be swaddled!

There will be 2 winners of this giveaway!! Each winner will receive their choice of one boy or one girl Pumpkin Sack™©.

Here are the rules...please leave a separate comment for each entry:
3 entries if you "follow" me - please comment and let me know
2 entries when you visit the Knotted Wear Etsy site and tell me which product is your favorite
2 entries if you "heart" Knotted Wear on Etsy
2 entries if you become a fan of Knotted Wear on Facebook - please let me know what name it is under
1 entry when you suggest a fun pattern for a baby sack
1 entry if you "spread my education" on your blog
1 entry if you blog about this giveaway - please provide a link back to the post in your comment


Annie said...

I thought I was already a follower...but I guess I wasnt?!?....I am now!!

Annie said...

I follow!

Annie said...

I follow!

Annie said...

The 'Girl's Reversible Poncho- white with blue/pink circles and black' is my fav!

Annie said...

I think that there should be a baby sac that is more uni-sex!! Then I can use it for my son...and then if I have a baby girl next I could really get my $$ worth :)

Jen said...

I follow you duh.

and i just blogged about your fab giveaway

And I think they should make Pumpkin Sacks in sports teams fabric because what mommy doesn't love a supporting their fav team!!

And I LOVE the cute hats that they have for boys -- because good ones are hard to find!

Jesslyn said...

I'm following you on Bloglovin!

Jesslyn said...

I'm using Bloglovin' to follow you now!

Jesslyn said...

I'm followin' on Bloglovin'!

Jesslyn said...

I like the pink/brown/green polka dot Pumpkin sack! :) very cute

Jesslyn said...

(I hope I'm doing this right... 2 entries for visiting Knotted Wear and telling you our favorite product). Besides the polka dot pumpkin sack, I love the flowered psychedelic colored little girls poncho.

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