Friday, October 16

Lesson #6 - You WILL Long For Nights With No Plans

There was a time in my life - in the not-so-distant past - when I longed to do something EVERY. SINGLE. MINUTE. I always had to be on the move...didn't have time to stop and think. My life was a blur of comings and goings...parties and bars and clubs. That was, after all, the definition of fun...wasn't it?? Call it adulthood...or call it child-birth...but my definition of "fun" has made a complete 180 degree turn. Now, all I want to do is sit at home and spend time with the two people in my life that matter the most (immediate family matters, definitely...but these two are my main squeezes) - the man and the babe.

Instead of dressing in skimpy clothes - on purpose - to dance the night away at some bar in the idea of a great Friday night consists of dancing around the bedroom in my underwear to a country song in order to keep the babe from being fussy. It is quite amazing how quickly one's outlook on life can change just by looking into a child's eyes. Not just any child, either, but your own child. The babe has a way of making me want to pull all of my hair out - and making me want to cuddle with her all at the same time.

She is one of the best things that has ever happened to me - next to meeting the man - and I can't imagine my life without her!!


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